Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No High does Mexth till next week

So, I had it all planned out, even highlighted on my lesson planning book. I was about to get all my subs lined up for the next few weeks and then it changed on me. Oh well, I was just so excited that I was actually all planned for it.

Tiffany took Abby in for a CBC (complete blood count) at the fort collins hospital lab yesterday to see what her counts were. Last week they were at 700 ANC (immununity) which was great, we expected it to be even higher but it wasn't. ANC of 48! Total white blood cells at 600, hemoglobin at 7.2 and everything else was fine. I don't know why it dropped so much, maybe she was fighting off a cold, she did have a little something. Anyway, we won't start the next phase, regardless of what my planner says, until next week on Tuesday.

We will also have to watch her for any fever since her blood counts are so low and she is at risk of infections. Other than that things are going really good. She had fun playing in the spring snow this weekend and getting out in the sun the day before... got to love Colorado weather!

See ya, more and more to come as my typing finger gets better:)