Friday, February 09, 2007

Upper GI

Well, Abby had her upper GI on Tuesday and things went fine as far as I know. She just had to fast for about 12 hours and then drink some radioactive stuff so they could watch it go down into her stomach. The test was painless and only took about 30 minutes. Tiffany went with her and she said it was kind of neat to see it swirl down to her stomach.

I guess this test is to see about any ulcers or problems with the lining of her stomach. We'll talk to the GI doctor about it near the end of the month. We could get an earlier appointment with him but the end of the month one he will be here in Fort Collins so that is much better than driving down to Denver again.

I think her stomach is getting better slowly but surely. She seems to be feeling good except for a bit of a cold.

I can't wait till cold season is over and we can let them out of the house to breath some fresh air. Ahhhhh... spring will be here soon.