Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spinal Tap Tuesday again.

Hey all,

Long time no post... My friend said that I only post when things are hard. I told him that I only post when things are hard but not too hard. If they are too hard then I just want to sleep when I can! But that is fairly true. Abby has been doing very well. Stomach issues seem to have gone away for the most part. She hasn't had any more colds either!

All in all, pretty good. We went to a Team in Training event the other day at Red Robin and Abby had a blast. She is a patient honoree for the Fort Collins team this year so that was nice little get together.

Abby also just went to the Disney Princesses on Ice show on Sunday. She had a great time! The people at Disney came out before the show and gave Abby and Anna a stuffed Minnie Mouse doll. So during the show they just sat there with their stuffed Minnies and little princess wands... and tiaras watching the show. Anna was pretty much mesmerized during the whole 2 hour event and Abby asked a lot of questions about what was going on down on the ice. Pretty good time!

Now today, Abby is back to the chemo pulse. This morning she will start with a spinal tap/methotrexate push, some Vincristine, and some blood tests. She also has an appt. with Dr. Lee, the GI doc, about her tummy. And then tonight she will come back home and start the Decadron, the grumpy pill, which wasn't too bad last time compared with the time before.

Pray that she does well.