Friday, May 27, 2016

A night in Fort Collins...

I'm trying to not be too excited but we might get to go home for a night. We got the "all clear" from the clinic as long as things stay steady with Abby. Things have been pretty good today but since she is off of the antibiotic she has had a bit more stomach issues so we are super hopeful, but also holding our breath as we know that it could go either way.

But, if Abby is still doing ok in the morning we will load up the cars and drive up to Fort Collins for a quick overnight trip! Pray that things hold steady and/or get better for Abby's stomach as well as that any fevers stay away too!

Today we actually got out of the apartment and went to the Denver Aquarium.  That was the farthest that Abby has been away from the hospital in over 2 months. We thought it wouldn't be too crowed if we went in the morning... but we thought wrong. It was packed. So, we stayed as far away as we could from all of the little kids and raced through some of the crowded areas. It would have been nice to stay for more than an hour but we'll take what we can get. Even though Abby has her industrial blue filter mask on whenever she goes out, we didn't want to push our luck!

So, pray that all stays well and we can enjoy our short but sweet time in our house. Also that Abby enjoys her time at home (she's a little nervous to go home since she can't stay there).

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moving Toward Normal

We had a great weekend here at the apartment with the whole family.  The weather was great and Abby is doing wonderfully!  She continues to have more energy and feel less nauseous.  The C.diff symptoms are still with her, but they are slowly getting better.  Most likely, she will need to continue treatment for the infection after Wednesday's last medicine dose but that's not a surprise.  C.diff is hard to get rid of when you are immunocompromised.

I am down here with Abby for the first part of this week.  We had our Monday clinic appointment and we walked there!  Huge success for Abby.  Walking there meant also walking back and she wanted to get some ingredients to make some dishes she picked from a cookbook Anna and Lily brought her so it was a day of walking.  Even my feet were sore at the end of the day.  The clinic report was great.  Her platelets have officially engrafted and are now in the low end of the normal range.  Her red blood cells are slowly moving towards normal as well, which accounts for her having more energy.  Her white count is also in the normal range.  It can take awhile for her total immunity to be in the safe range but she is well on her way!

We also got the go ahead for a trip to the aquarium on Friday.  Very exciting.  But, the most exciting news of the day was the possibility of going home overnight Saturday and attending church Sunday!  Abby was ecstatic. Well, as ecstatic as a 14 year old can be.  I got to see her huge, crinkly-eyed smile when we heard the news.  Kelly, one of my favorite nurse practitioners, said that if she is still doing so great at Thursday's appointment then we can do an overnight!

Today we are getting school done and then going to the Angry Birds movie.  I'm ready for some silly entertainment.