Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am glad to report, that I have nothing to report!

Once again I have not posted for a while. I guess that is a good sign, not too much to update you all on? But there is, I could write pages about how Abby has changed, for the better, in the last 6 months. She is so different looking, so different acting, and getting so tall! At points along this journey I felt like I would never see my daughters normal little face. I was starting to wonder if it would ever return. Even last spring in Disney Land she was puffy and not feeling well. So, I am glad to report that I have nothing to report!

Well, ok, maybe a few things. But they are all very good! First let me tell you a quick cute little story from yesterday.

The whole Schreiber Clan went to get shots yesterday to protect us from that nasty flu thing that we had when this whole thing started. We got there and gave our insurance cards at the front desk. Abby and an, full of excitement ran up to the front to tell the ladies what we were there for. "We are going to get shots today!" Anna said. Abby had to chime in too, "I got 2 on Monday!"... Anna responds with, "I'm going to get ONE shot!"... I smiled with the yes-my-kids-are-a-bit-wierd smile and off we went to get our shots.

I volunteered to get mine first, then Tiffany, Anna and Lily. Anna cried for a minute but Abby comforted her and she was fine, Lily just smiled at me and then let out a little "what that heck was that?!" kind of cry about 2 seconds after she was done. We all walked out, with no one crying, and a running commentary from Abby about all of our shots. The people at the front desk said something about how no one was crying with a bit of that "who are you people?" "do your kids enjoy shots?" kind of look in their eyes.

Anna limped a little for about an hour and I think that was it. And now, I hope we will have a flu-free winter!

Other than shots, we haven't had a ton of medical stuff lately. Abby still goes down once a month and gets the IvIG in her port, the port will stay till after this cold season is over. And she gets a blood count done then. Last week the counts were up significantly, in a very good range! Yippee. Abby has a ton of energy now and I don't think she quite knows what to do with it all so we have had some talks on being zany. Honestly, I do like zany better than her laying on the couch with her blanket... I'll take the energy any day!

The only other big big news is that Abby's wish trip is coming up soon! Yipee. It is a bit weird to not plan for your own trip. We just got info on where we will be staying but I still don't know much more except when to be at the airport. Actually we are staying in a hotel the night before we leave and then they will take us from the hotel to the airport in a limo. I wonder what Abby will think of such a big car?

I'll take lots of picture of the trip and post, if I can, while we are there.

Thanks for checking in even though my posts are few and far between now.