Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No hallucinations yet!

No hallucinations yet!

Just a quick shout out to let you know that Abby is doing pretty good with
this HDM infusion. She was only up twice last night and is only a little
spacey today.

Abby's favorite nurse at CHOA, Joanne, gave her a smaller, more concentrated
Methotrexate bag yesterday and it was much easier for her to carry around!
Ya! We finally go this down on the last time! We also had the forethought
to ask for the two 1800ml bags of fluids to be split up into smaller bags!
We're getting smart huh!? From this afternoon on, she will only have to
carry around some small 500ml bags of fluid till Friday morning.

We also found out that Abby will not have to start DI until June 21st! So,
if everything goes right with this infusion, we won't have to go down to
Denver again for 3 whole weeks! Whooopeeee! :-) Keep praying for DI, we're
all gonna need it!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Breakfast before Round 4

Breakfast before Round 4

Hey all~

Above is the picture of Abby and some of the Team N' Training participants and the mentor Tyler. We all went to breakfast on Sunday morning after their run and it was a lot of fun! These folks have been training since the beginning of March or longer for some marathons and other races. They also have been raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as part of the race. This is a great program and Abby was an Honoree for this last race training schedule. It has been great to get to know some of the participants and if you are reading this post as a participant. Good Luck and Good Job! Thanks for all that you have done to help families like mine that have been affected by blood cancers.

Hopefully next time that Abby is an Honoree she will be able to come to more events and such since she will be in maintenance. but she's not there yet,just a few more months. 1 more High Dose Methotrexate(HDM) (tomorrow) and then on to Delayed Intensification! Yikes!

So, looks like we will start the HDM tomorrow and then a week of rest and then.. DI. Yes we are a bit nervous about it all but also very hopeful and glad that it landed in the summer when my schedule is much more flexible. I'll try to scan in the "road map" for the next treatment, DI, soon, I think it will help you all to see what goes on and what days you can all be praying for Abby's health and side-effects.

Well, that's all. Thanks again TNT participants, Mentors, and Coaches!