Saturday, May 19, 2018

Knee Surgery Monday... hopefully

Long time no typing but I wanted to give you a short update.

Abby is doing ok. Off steroids for the most part but the year of high-dose use has taken a bit of a toll on her bones. It's call AVN Avascular Necrosis (bone death due to lack of blood supply).

The good news is it is only really bad in her right knee (minor involvement in both ankles but no pain yet). There is a 60% chance of healing (or a miracle... pray for that). She's been non-weight bearing for about 6 weeks in a wheel chair and crutches.

On Monday she'll get holes drilled in the dead part of her knee (aeration of the dead tissue) to increase blood flow and help it heal. Unfortunately she has a cold right now so we aren't sure she will be able to get anesthesia with a cold. If not, we'll have to postpone the surgery until June which will be hard for our summer trip plans in early July.

So, pray that she can get over this cold or that her knee will heal fine without surgery. Or both!

Thanks all!