Sunday, January 22, 2006

When will it stop?

So in the last week since my last post Abby has gotten a cold and Anna has gotten a stomach bug. We took Abby down to Denver for the cold since she had a fever. They did a blood culture and gave her Rocephin in case it was a blood infection. Then on Friday I left work early and took her to our local doctor for a rash that they wanted to check out and make sure it wasn't anything serious. All weekend we have been keeping the girls apart so that Abby wouldn't get the stomach bug from Anna.... but to no avail! Last night at 10 ish she threw up and was up off and on until about 2:30am. If that wasn't enough, Anna woke up this morning with Abby's cold, a tit for a tat I guess. Anyway, Abby spiked a fever of 102 today... that would ussually get her admitted to the hospital but the doctor on call said to wait it out for a day and give her Tylenol. So, currently her fever is at about 100, hopefully it goes down to normal by tommorrow or off to Denver we may be going again.

So that's about it really... pretty boring around here at the Schreiber house! :)

I'm going to go nap.

Pray that Tiffany and I don't get it.