Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ER Sunday

Hey all,

We're still hanging in there. Actually I'm doing pretty good with all of this sickness stuff. I tend to do better when things are most definitely out of my control. These last couples months have been just that. Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to have a healthy family for more than a week but that's just not the case right now so I'll have to be ok with that.

Abby spiked a big fever on Saturday morning and it didn't come down by Sunday morning so we had to take her to the only place that was open, the ER. Not the best place to go if you don't have to... just my opinion. They actually were pretty good there. They checked her out, listened to her lungs, accessed her port, took blood, ran a CBC, and did a blood culture. Her fever was still in the 102.5-103.5 range so they gave her a shot of Roseffen, an antibiotic, just in case she had a blood infection. I assume the culture was negative since they didn't call back.

Abby's fever is gone now, her cough is getting better but I think Anna is getting it now. Lily already had it and Tiffany too so I guess Anna is the last one for this virus unless I catch it. I think I have it, but it has been tolerable for me. Tiffany also had something, it turned into a sinus infection so she went to the doctor yesterday and they put her on antibiotics. Hopefully she will fell better tonight.

So, that's life in the sick lane. Isn't it fun? I am definitely looking forward to Disneyland... I think we are all going to wear masks on the plane though!


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well it looks like Abby may now be the winner of a new virus called RSV. I told her to choose door number 3, but she went for door number 2 and now... RSV.

Actually we don't know for sure if it is but they are treating her like it is since RSV peaks in Feb and Jan. Lily had a cough last week, and Anna didn't feel too well either so it probably finally just got to Abby.

Yesterday morning, while I was gone, Abby spiked a big ol' fever so Tiffany called Dr. Smith at CHOA. They put her on a double does of her weekend antibiotic since that one covers for pneumonia and we really don't want her to get that! We did the old ibuprofen & and Tylenol tag team to get her fever down and I gave her a little codeine/Tylenol so that she could get some sleep last night. She seem better this morning and she slept great last night compared to the night before.

On the tummy side she is doing ok. They still have her on the anti-protozoa med every other day until we can see the doc again at the end of the month.

So pray that both of these goes away quickly and that other infections stay at bay.

That's all the medical news from the Schreiber household. Everything and everyone else is going real good but we all are looking forward to the spring!