Saturday, April 28, 2007

Appt. and Steroids...

Well, we have a week of steroids again starting yesterday... don't worry, they aren't for Abby, they're for me!

I know the first month that Abby doesn't have to be on the grumpy pill and we still manage to get oral steroids in our house! I have a sinus infection again, actually Abby does too, but for mine they decided to really clear it up and "throw the book at me" as the Dr. said. So, Augmenton and Predinsone for me and Abby gets a round of Zithromax to help her out.

Pretty funny huh... ha ha. I'd laugh but it would hurt my face:)

Anyway, Abby's doing really good. She had her appointment yesterday and got IvIG. It all went well. Her ANC is up to around 3000 and everything else is coming up too! She'll get her IvIG levels checked next time to see how much longer she may need to be on that stuff. Dr. Smith said that sometimes it takes awhile for that part of the immunity to come back, it is just a bit slower to return. The ANC though is quick to return and so hopefully that will boost her cold and disease fighting ability in the near future. Especially since we are going to the "germiest place on earth"... I don't think Disney would want that to be their true tagline.

Well, off to take my meds. I'm thinking, just for old time sake, of smothering them with chocolate syrup and then waking myself up at 10pm to give them to myself.... or maybe not. I don't think I'd want to use that spoon!

Have a great day! We are off to Disneyland in T-6 Days!!!!