Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We made it to Disneyland

Hey all just a quick thanks and a "hello" from Cali.

Here's the outline of what's happened and is to come.

Beach was great! Couldn't keep Abby out of the water... Anna wasn't so sure about the waves but warmed up to it over the few days that we were there. Basically we just sat in the sun, took some walks on the beach, played in the waves and enjoyed the view.

Lily, Abby, Anna all shared a room and did great. We had lots of fun sitting looking at the view above from our 2 rooms.

Abby and Anna went with the Dugalls to SeaWorld on Tuesday and had a blast. Tiffany and I had a blast letting them go to Sea World while we hung out at the beach and did some laundry. We pretended that we had 1 baby for a day and loved on Lily a bunch.

This morning, Wednesday, we all got up, packed, and drove to Disneyland. Put our stuff at the hotel, and went over to California Adventure until check-in time. The kids rested for a moment on the beds once we checked in and then we headed back to California Adventure for a quick dinner.

I took Lily back to the room since she was super tired and the parents plus Tiffany, Abby, and Anna all went over to Disneyland to see the sites until it closes at 8pm.

Tomorrow, the character breakfast, and early day into Disneyland, and a long day at the park.

Friday more of the same and some fireworks.

Saturday we leave after lunch.

Off to rest up for the big days ahead.