Friday, September 23, 2005

Out of the fog

Just a quick FYI to let you know that the Decadron fog has lifted in the Schreiber household and Abby has been reported to be in good spirits.

I came home from work yesterday not to find her waiting by the door for my like a lost puppy, but instead playing with Anna. Pretending to draw her outline on the floor like she must have seen on one of our videos. They giggle and laughed all the way through dinner pretending that their rice was some different food... "you want some potatoes Anna?" Anna replies, "You want some green beans Abby?" and on and on... They both were almost crying with laughter... Does my heart good!
Just nice to know that Abby can be almost back to herself, still a little tired, just a couple days after some pretty major surgeries and chemo treatments.

Hope all is well in your world too ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Abby's doing "OK"

So, Abby had her last dose of Decadron this morning so hopefully she will be back to herself in a few days. She was pretty sore the first day home, Saturday, and the rest of the week she has been doing so so. Some days have been pretty good, not too whiney, and not super hungry either. Most afternoons she has been pretty grumpy and very clingy, she would be content just being held all day long. Often she just sits at Tiffany's feet while she does the dishes or fixes a meal. Today, I found her sitting on the rug by the back door waiting for me to come home to hold her. So, hopefully she will feel better soon.

At least she has been sleeping well, for the most part. She's only really had one terrible night, the rest have been pretty good.

That's about it, not much to report, just a tired sore little girl that wants to be held because, as she says, "I'm just not feeling good" and, "I'm just having a hard time"...

Speaking of sleep... I better get some rest too.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

5 day forecast

5 day forecast
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Sunny skies were overhead all week long last week so it must be time for a change. A sudden cold pressure system, attributed to Decadron, (i.e. the grumpy pill) moved in quickly on Friday and seems like it will be hanging around for the next few days.

The forecast for all 4 remaining days is as follows:

Sunday---Partly sunny with sudden intense Thundershowers showing up only to vanish seconds later

Monday---Afternoon looming clouds with a chance of the demands for noodles to fall out of the sky

Tuesday---More Thundershowers, often intense in nature, followed by high gusts of a whiney sounding wind that seems to sound like my daughter asking for food... must just be the wind.

Wednesday--- Ever changing weather, suggest wearing "layers", as hammock sitting weather may be on one side of the yard while gusty winds and rain engulf the other side... wear sunscreen, SPF 82, and bring your umbrella.

a.. Thursday--- Weather should be tapering down as the Decadron front moves out to sea... only to gain strength for another visit in 3 weeks. Sun should come back to the region as will the presence of my kind, sane little girl.

Ahhh.... the joys of Decadron!:) Pray that the weather stays clearer than my forecast predicts... hopefully I'm a bad weatherman.

Till another break in the weather.