Monday, August 15, 2016

Goodbye Broviac

Abby and I are sitting at Children's waiting for her surgery this morning to have both her ports removed.  She's nervous but very excited to have them out.  She will be able to go swimming again soon with them out, baths will be much easier, sleeping on her side will be more comfortable, and no more painful dressing changes every week!  It's a milestone to be sure and we are all excited to be to this point in the journey.  Surgery is scheduled for 11:45 today.  She will,  after this, have to have her labs done the old-fashioned way, so to speak.  She was a little nervous about this and had the chance to keep her mediport in so that she could occasionally skip the needle, but with any port in we have to come down to the hospital for at least 24 hours any time she has a fever of 101.  So, with both ports out, it takes that possibility away and that won out in the end.  Just wanted to get a quick update out!  She is doing great still in recovering.  She sprained her foot but it's doing fine now.  She has been out to ride her bike a couple of times and we enjoyed a short but sweet hike this past week during our staycation before school starts this week.  Hope you all are enjoying the rest of your summers!