Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chemo and the Christmas Angel

So Abby is on chemo again this week. She had a tap on Tuesday and we started her Dexamethasone (grumpy pill) a day early so that she would be done by Saturday since she is in the Christmas program at church... She gets to be an angel with a little group of girls. I think she'll have a good time. I'm not so sure about Anna though, she is a bit scared of large crowds of kids right now. She also hasn't been in Sunday school for a couple months becuase of the chicken pox thing at church. So, we'll see.

Over all Abby is doing good. The spinal tap with fine yesterday and Anna even stayed there in the room with her all wide-eyed watching everything that they were doing to her sister. She has been really getting into the protector and comforter role when Abby has to get a shot or wash her nose out. Anna just stands next to her and pats Abby on the foot or something like that. Pretty cute and loving.

Since Abby was already on the steroids for a day, she was quite hungry at CHOA. Anna tried to eat everything that Abby was eating but by lunch time she had hit her limit. Abby still was hungry and kind of in the "you gonna eat that?" mode wanting all of Tiffany's food too! Crazy how much she can eat.

Well, that's the breif but true update... I'll tell you how the Christmas program goes later.