Saturday, June 25, 2005

Abby's Broviac all Patched up

Abby's Broviac all Patched up
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Just a quick note to tell you that Abby's Broviac is all fixed up. It did take 5 hours to find the right size tube patch kit and then they had to splint it to keep it straight... get this using Starbucks stir sticks that a nurse had. Wow, Starbucks is everywhere huh!... Anyway, we are off to take a little drive in the mountians now that we've removed Abby's splint:). It will be fun to get out!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Abby's going to have a little "Bro"

Ya really... Wait, you didn't all think I was talking about a little bro?! No a little, or should I say little-er "Bro"... A Broviac. Now that I got you heart racing with the title of this blog I'll let you in on what's going on. (I've wanted to post that title for such a long time! hehe.)

Anyway, Tiffany is down in Denver at the ER with Abby because she cut her Broviac, her in-line catheter with a pair of scissors. Yup, we just couldn't stand being away I guess, waiting for that extra week you know. I think Tiffany just wanted to go down there subconsciously or something.

So, basically, Tiffany was cutting the tape off Abby's little bro...viac and got distracted by Anna and Abby and whoops... cut the tube. Just barely caught the side of it, but it was enough to let blood out and other bad stuff in so, down to Denver she went. The doctor who put it in will repair it pretty soon, probably getting started by now. I think to fix it they just will shorten it past the cut and then put a new end cap on and hopefully that is it. Hopefully it isn't too short since Abby has to have it in for the next 2 months. That is what they would like to do at least, keep it in until DI is over but if she gets another blood infection they will have to take it out and then Abby will have to get needle sticks for all of her chemo appointments. So, pray that she doesn't get any blood infections and that the shorting of this Broviac Catheter is no big deal.

I'll give you all more news if there is any... hopefully nothing news worthy.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Didn't pass for DI

Didn't pass for DI
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So we thought Abby's immunity counts were good, her ANC, but we thought wrong. We even had multiple get togethers with lots of kids and our "side dish and sanitizer" party thinking that she would be above 1000 or so at least.... Nope..... 200 today. That's Neutropenic, fever alert status and all... Who would have thought so. Oh well.

So, she needed to be at 500 ANC today to start the next phase, Delayed Intensification, DI... We figured she'd pass with flying colors... but nope, 200... crazy. So, we wait a week, or maybe just till Friday, we'll have to talk a bit more with them.

One one side of the coin, I really just want to get going on this phase so that we can be done sooner, and so that I don't have to go through all the potential scenarios in my head any more... Basically tired of the waiting game. But on the other hand, we get our spunky little girl, motor mouth and all, for another whole week. And we don't have to share her with the side-effects of the chemo drugs for another week!

So, probably a really good thing in a way. She won't be finishing up until September at this rate but hey, who am I to say that this isn't the best thing for her? I guess I'll just have to try to enjoy it and not be anxious about what is to come...

Carpe Diem!