Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Abby Update - A Vision of Healing!

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Welcome to the Abby Update! We have a vision of healing and community through this blog. First of all, we know that you have visited this blog because you want information on how Abby Schreiber is feeling as she continues the battle with childhood leukemia. If you are here to discover how you can pray specifically, praise God! We are encouraged by your desire to seek the Lord specifically in prayer for Abby's healing and strength. If you are here for updates on how Abby is feeling and what the doctors are saying about Abby's condition, praise God as well! Information that we share with you we share because we are "one in the Lord". As of the first of January, people around the globe, from all across America to Europe and other places around the world, are praying for Abby and our family. We have a vision of a great community of friends, family, brothers and sisters in Jesus and many others joining heart to heart for a common cause! Bookmark this blog and visit often. Mark and Tiffany, Robin and Vicky, Pam and Karl and the other members of our family will be blogging here regularly. We believe the truth of God...we trust in the power of the Spirit...we acknowledge the deep yearnings and cries of the heart that comes at times like this...we confess our need for strength, comfort and hope...we love the fact that we can pour out our fear, concern and questions before the King of the Universe who not only hears, responds but carries each tear.

Here is the most recent update: Abby was diagnosed with child leukemia on January 1, 2005. She received a bone marrow test, spinal fluid test, extensive blood tests, x-rays and other tests that rendered the diagnosis conclusive. She is beginning a two year journey fighting a leukemia that is 90% curable...she has the ALL type (according to the medical statistics). She is going to begin to receive chemotherapy on will be adminstered with medication that will counteract the nausea and other negative side effects as best as possible. She will be given the chemotherapy over the next couple of weeks with the hope of forcing the cancer into remission within 28 days. She will receive more extensive chemotherapy in May or June of this year. Over the next months she will lose her hair, experience some "bloating" because of the use of steroids, and also have to be "sheltered" for other people because of the susceptability to infection. She is beginning the journey surrounded by prayer, spiritual confidence and an amazing amount of love. You can email Mark and Tiffany at or or You can also email Robin Dugall, Abby's papa at Otherwise, keep posted through this blog. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for you passion and compassion for Abby! Let's be bound together in prayer for healing and new life!


Anonymous said...

Our family is praying for you nightly and our girls are asking all the time about Abby and how she is feeling. Our little Hailee was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost exactly 3 years ago. It was removed and she has been healthy ever since. We were covered in prayers as you are right now and she is a testimony to God's healing hand. Our prayers are with you and we anticipate God using you, your daughter Abby, and your family to bring Jesus to everyone you connect with on a daily basis. I know it is a difficult road to go down with a child, so my prayers will be specific as you encounter new battles. God's blessings be with you.
Tricia Murphy and the rest of the Murphys ~ Lauren, Jacqlynn, Hailee, Allie and Troy

Anonymous said...

Abby and Family!

God bless you! I am a young mother who recently moved to Fort Collins with my family from Orange County. I heard about sweet Abby from a group called "Friends of Allie" and I had to write since I live so close. If you need any help in the Fort Collins area please let me know!

Be strong little Abby, the Lord will see you through this.

Much love and faith,
Anita -

Anonymous said...

Hi. I heard about Abby from a group called Friends of Allie. I live in Lakewood, CO and I would love to help you and your family in any way I can. I can bring dinner to the hospital or anything else you need. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.

Betsy Rees

Anonymous said...

Tiffany and Mark,
I am a counselor at Poudre High School and remember Tiffany from her days in the media center here. I was so sorry to learn of Abby's leukemia, and wanted to let you now hiow sorry I am, as I can only relate too well to your journey with Abby. My son Brian, was diagnosed with ALL in 1984 when he was 14. We spent many many days traveling the road between Fort Collins and Denver for a year and a half. The roller coaster ride seems to become your new "norm" and it is amazing how one learns to cope when you are constantly in "fighting" mode. Children's Hospital is a wonderful place. I couldn't have asked for more support for Brian, for me or for my daughter. Although, I hate to tell you, Brian only survived for 18 months,we know many who have. For the past 19 years, my husband, daughter and I have ridden our bicycles in the Courage Classic for Children's and we have also ridden in Team in Training rides, raising over $30,000 for Children's and $17,000 for TNT over the years. Hopefully, our efforts have provided service and research that has benefitted other childre (and now Abby) over the years. If you ever need the perspective of someone who has been there, please give me a call. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Laurie Warren