Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Abby's Second Treatment

So here I sit on this foggy morning, day 9 of my daughter’s Leukemia treatment. To be honest, yesterday was really good overall, but highly stressful for the first 2 before they sedated her. Other than not really understanding why we were back at the hospital and the anxiety that probably goes with that, I think the bigger problem was that she hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before. With the Prednisone that she is on, she eats continually, as you may have read about. She was so hungry, tired from not sleeping very well the night before, and probably anxious about why we were back at Pres. St. Luke’s. Basically she was an out of control grumpy, whiney, tired and hungry child. Not the Abby that we all know and love. I don’t even know if I can explain the emotions that go along with being at your child’s bedside in a hospital and not being able to comfort, help or explain to her what is going on. Tormentingly stressful might fit, maybe too harsh though. Finally they gave her some Benedril to help her settle down and sleep. That was a very peaceful sleep for us all and finally our teeth became less clenched as we relaxed at the sight of our little precious daughter sleeping.

The Anesthesiologist finally came in and gave her a drug to relax her before the took her off to the O.R.. This Dr. was pretty funny, and would say things like, “this one is a good one, it will make her feel pretty goofy pretty quick.” Or, “This will be great one for her, right into la la land.” These type of comments always make me wonder if they get to try them all out like waiters do on a wine tasting night or maybe in med school when it says lecture and a “lab” they get really excited. I don’t know, just strikes me as funny and odd. I am glad for these Dr.s thought because bone marrow aspirates aren’t the best feeling procedures from what I’ve heard. I’m not sure how many more times they’ll take a bone marrow sample but I know it is at least 2 or 3 more times, probably more since that is the only way to conclusively see how she is responding to Chemo.

The rest of the day was good, she slept a long time in the recovery room, and that was a blessing. We finally woke her up for her appointment at CHOA at 1pm. We wrapped her in a warm blanket and took her across the street, up to the 5th floor and after a quick sit in the waiting room, they gave her a room with a view. A cool little room actually with a twin bed and TV with a VCR/DVD player for movies. Over the next few hours, till 4:30pm, she ate 3 packages of peanut butter crackers, a bowl of noodles, a bag of microwavable popcorn, and a glass of milk while we waited for the chemo drug to drip into her IV. We talked to Dr. Smith who, thought things are going pretty good, while Abby watch Stewart Little and Tele Tubbies. Tele Tubbies is about the weirdest show that I’ve ever had to sit through, but hey my daughter has cancer, so I’ll watch it with her.

As for all the tests on the bone marrow, we’ll know more today. Basically if she has responded well, then she’ll continue the chemo treatments till day 28 when they’ll do another bone marrow sample. If she hasn’t responded that quickly as of yesterday, then they’ll probably do another sample next Tuesday, like they did yesterday, to see how she is responding. Pray that she is a rapid responder, and has less than 5% cancer cells in her bone marrow on today’s test and definitely on next weeks test if that is needed.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Mark and Tiffany,

I've been reading your update daily and praying much. I can truly understand a lot of what you are going through. Especially the helpless feeling of sitting next to your sick child's bedside and wanting desperately to make them feel better and being utterly powerless to accomplish it. The begging look in their eyes... I've been there many times. Oh, it hurts. But with the passage of time, they do forget.

I have been encouraged by your faith through this trial. You have an amazing opportunity to be a witness. I pray many will come to know Jesus through your testimony.

Christina for the Fredricks Family
PS please add me to the Snapfish list