Friday, February 25, 2005

The Sacrifice that is Worth Taking!

Hi to all of our family's friends, prayer-partners/warriors, and family members in Abby's journey! This is "ole Rob" filling you in on the journey from a California perspective. As you can see it with your own sacrifice is something that God blesses! My darling wife is hanging with the Colorado clan and having tons of time with Abby. This pic was taken last month when days were filled with much more tension, uncertainty, pain and chaos. We felt the presence of God in that part of the journey in ways that we cannot even begin to express. Now, we are on the other side of one of the mountains Abby is scaling...she's a "rapid responder"...she's in "remission"...all that is awesome news! There are even times when my "way too young to be called a Nana" Vicky and Abby are reporting much giggling, jumping and fun being had in these moments. Even so, just as you can scale one huge mountain in your life and feel accomplished for doing so, there are always more to climb. We are not void of a poliferation of peaks to ascend. It is the same with Abby...a few peaks have been climbed...there have been victories...but more is ahead! As Abby's grand-father (still something extremely difficult to fully admit since I'm such a young pup!), I still call each of you to prayer. There isn't a moment where we are not coming to the throne of healing and grace and seeking God's mercy! So, thank you for the sacrifice of your time, energy, gifts, love, and prayer. Believe me, it is a sacrifice worth taking! It is a sacrifice that is a "sweet aroma to the Lord". Our trust in God is filling these strenuous moments with gifts of hope beyond measure!

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