Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday Bone Marrow Results

Well, Tiffany is back down in Denver with Abby... she had a fever of 101 so down they went. Anna and I went to New Belguim... just to look at the building of course... I think I got the better end of the deal.

Anyway, from my breif talk with Tiffany on the phone, It looks as if Abby is in remission! That is at least on the preliminary test anyway, the better test that tells how many cancer cells there are per 1,000 or per 10,000 won't be back for a while. That test will tell us how rapid of a responder she really is, or isn't.

As for Abby's current condition, she is on the line between being admitted to the hospital and going home. Right now Dr. Smith thinks it will be ok to give her antibiotics and send her home. Her ANC counts are actually lower than they were yesterday, down to 200 or so, but they should be comming back soon based on how her bone marrow looks. So, they probably are finishing up the IV antibiotic right now, then they'll be home.

Just a quick update, but overall things are looking really good!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mark, for that wonderful news! I'm sorry that Tiff & Abby had to make another trip this afternoon, though. Hang in there, and keep leaning into God....He will get you through this!
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm checking your update tonight with my 2 granddaughters, Kristia (3 yrs. old) & Shauna (10) and showing them Abby's pictures. We are praying that Abby in in remission. Hope she had a good 3rd birthday on Monday. Kristia says she loves the pictures of Abby, Kristia will be 4 yrs old in March. She hopes that some day she will get to meet Abby. She knows that God is watching over Abby and she will pray for her tonight.