Thursday, March 24, 2005

Change, Change, and more change :)

Well, things have been a bit nuts here lately. Not in a bad way, just a fast paced kind of way... Painting the new house, installing wood floors, air filters, light switches, trying to finish my M.S. Thesis paper, packing, and lots of Dr. appointments have made for a very packed schedule. Let me first give you and update on Abby.

Abby is in the 2nd half of the consolidation phase which is pretty much a repeat of the first month of this phase. She is doing well overall. Tuesday I took her down to Denver for an examination and to get some more Ara-C. Her immunity, ANC, was only at 300 so we have to watch out for fevers and infections. The Ara-C also lowers her red blood cell count which was at a 7.5 for hemoglobin, the part of your blood that carries oxygen. Anything lower than an 8.0 and she has to get a blood transfusion. .. So, Tiffany is going down to Denver today with Abby to get that done at the hospital. It takes about 4 hours to put the blood in and is painless for Abby with her Broviac port. All together the whole thing will take about 6 hours plus the drive down and back, a full day in Denver.

On Tuesday we also so the eye doctor about her hemorage. He said it is almost all gone, and her vision is about 20/30 in that eye I think, that should go back to 20/20 when the whole thing is gone. Her eye is still crossed inward and they aren't sure if it will go back quickly or not. Sometimes people have a disposition to the crossing and when they are weak, sick or tired, it will turn in. That may be the case with Abby. Even if it doesn't come back on it's own, there are things that can be done to straighten it later. Until that time we will continue to patch it for 2-3 hours a day, the good eye that is, to make the turned in one work.

The news about Abby's eye made me pretty sad. I guess I just wanted it to go away as soon as the hemorage was gone, but it didn't and that stinks in all honesty. But, once I went through the emotions of sadness and my little, "this isn't suppose to be this way" little dance in my head and heart, I felt much better and once again I am feeling the peace that surpasses all understanding... and that is a good thing.

On the home front, we just had our last night in our little apartment and will be staying at a freinds mom's house until Saturday when we will take residence of our new house. This apartment has treated us very good for the last 2.5 + years. Be brought Anna home to this house, and yes she slept in the bathroom for a few months but it worked out fine. I never got around to building my pully system loft room in the stairway for her but the Moses basket worked fine, just not as cool. We also will miss the community of the University Village Apartments, and the diversity. Where else can you take an evening stroll and see people from 30 different countries and smell what they are cooking in such a small area. So, to say the least, we will miss it, lots of fond memories.

On the new home front, we are in the process of installing wood floors in the hallway, front room, entry way and kitchen. It's a big process, but my Grandma wanted to have us put them in for dust and cleaniness reason for Abby, so away we went. Paint is done, we bought a new IQ air filter for Abby's room, and replace some of the old outlets and switches. The place looks awesome and I hope that Abby likes it... and yes Aaron, we get to live in Abby's house too:)

So there it is, I'd write more but I have to get Abby and Tiffany out the door, Anna to a freinds for the day, and myself over to the house to nail down some more wood floors!


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Anonymous said...

Mark and Tiffany, you don't know me but my family has the been blessed by knowing Robin and Vicky. I sang with them in the Praise Team at GSLC in Irvine. Two summers ago Robin married my daughter and her husband. (Just wanted you to know how we knew of your sweet Abby.) We have been praying for our little sister in Christ ever since we heard of her illness. After reading all of your messages, it's obvious that God knew what He was doing when he made you Abby's parents. Jim and I will pray each day for Abby's healing and for your strength as you walk this unexpected path. Love and peace to you in Christ.