Thursday, May 19, 2005

Did I say that this was going to be easy?

Did I say that this was going to be easy?

I seem to remember saying that these High Dose Methotrexate infusions weren't really that bad... I take that back. This one's been pretty rough.

Abby's gone from sleepy to dopey and is now in the grumpy stage... I'm just plain sleepy. Let me explain.

Tuesday the Methotrexate infusion started in Denver, routine as always, good spinal tap, easy infusion and then back home. But from that night till now it's been anything but routine. Here's the general schedule of recent events:

Tuesday (sleepy)
12pm --- Methotrexate infusion, they start to put it all in and hook her up to the 2-liter bag for the next 24 hours.
3pm --- Home
6pm --- Methotrexate starts to be released by her system (i.e. Peeing)
8pm --- More Methotrexate coming out
10pm -- Metho out
12pm Metho out

Wednesday (Dopey)
2am yup... still coming
4am... I can't remember but I think I took her anyway
5:30am "where's this all come from?!"
9-10am.. Hallucinations of me outside her window and other funny visions
11am-Going back down to Denver
12pm-- Shivers/shakes at CHOA
4:30 leaves Choa
6pm, 8pm,10pm,12am.... "how big is your bladder girl?"

Thursday (Grumpy)
6am... Leucovorin rescue drug given... and yes... more pee:)
8am.. she doesn't feel good, heel pain, limps when walking.
10am.. 100 degree fever... going back down to Denver
12:30pm.. Blood infection found (must be a big one, usually they don't find a positive culture for several hours)
2pm.. Back on Vancomyacin (the only antibiotic left that can kill all bacterial infections)
3pm----> ? Who knows, They are still in Denver.

So as you can see, anything but normal. Currently the hallucinations are gone, the heel pain is still there but it may just have been a splinter or maybe the Vincristine shot from Tuesday, sometimes causes leg pain. She'll be on Vanco until they can run some more tests on the infection and see what else it will respond to. Once they find what it will respond to then they will switch her over to that one. The Broviac is most likely the source of the infections and since she has had three, they may take it out. Hopefully she can make it through the summer with this one in, through Delayed Intensification, DI. If she can make it through DI then they will take it out then and she will only have to get stuck with needles once a month or so, or we could have them put an under the skin line in, called a medo-port, we'll see.

So that's the update. Time to go get Anna, maybe I can't take a nap too. :)

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