Wednesday, May 25, 2005



So. ya. that's me.

Abby's doing good though, actually a little hyper sometimes, and a little
grumpy still at times. She hasn't been sleeping very well, like last night
she was up about every hour. She still has her low-grade fever, bouncing
around between 99 and 100. She is off the Vanco now and on an antibiotic
that we only have to give her once a day so that is much nicer. The limp is
mostly gone, and we think the new fever is probably from a cold, Anna has a
cold too.

Other than that, we start the last Methotrexate infusion on Tuesday thru
Friday. And then on to DI! Yikes, Please start praying for that one, early
June- mid August. 21 days of steroid drug therapy, weekly doses of
Doxorubicin, more Vincristine, PEG shots, Arac, 6-MP, Cytabarbatine, spinal
taps with Methotrexate. And a few more that I can't remember.. So, please
pray, 60%-70% of kids get admitted during this DI phase, pray that she is in
the other 30-40% that gets to stay home. Pray that the side-effects are
minimal to none, and that she maintains her health the in the best possible


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