Saturday, August 20, 2005

Happy B-Day to Abby's Mom:)

Happy B-Day to Abby's Mom:)
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Today is my lovely bride's Birthday! 33 years old! How crazy is that huh?! We still feel like kids except now we have kids too! Weird. But it is true and so we will celebrate!

One thing that has really hit me during these last several months of Abby's treatment is how much I love my wife. She is an amazing woman, let me just tell you that. In relation to Abby and Anna, she is the best mom around. As my wife... hands down... the best I could ever wish for!

These last few months have been stressful, yes, and through it all Tiffany has been there to hug, cry with, and talk to about deep things, life and death, God and who He really is, how spirituality and life's hardships really line up, and on and on... Lots of tears have been shed, voices been raised, and deep thoughts have been thought until my mind seemed too full to function... and through it all, my wife has been there, in-the-trenches, if you may, with all of this care our family.

I just want you wish my wife, yes you Tiffany Schreiber, the brightest happiest fulfilling birthday that you've every had!


Anonymous said...

I second that! After having spent the last few days staying with you guys I am amazed at the woman Tiffany is! I always knew that she was special but God has really equipped her to meet the needs of her family and others for that matter. I really hope that you have a great birthday Tiff! You deserve it!!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

To my Daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart!
God could never have blessed me as much as he has blessed me with YOU! You have such a beauty about you that goes beyond your physical attractiveness! You have the beauty of one who loves and serves the Lord!
You are my HERO in so many ways: your deep love for God, your heart felt love and support for Mark, your serving heart, your fun and delightfull personality and ways, your incredible love for your daughters, your strength, your endurance, your truthfullness in pain & suffering, your willingness and sacrafice to grow in the area's our Lord directs you, the very spirit that is "just you" that you give to our family, and the wonderful and precious love, friendship & closeness you give to me.
I pray that you're day is SO special.........I love you more than I can ever say, Mom PS: also to add one of the top things..... the fact that you gave me my precious ABBY & ANNA! (you to Mark!)