Saturday, April 01, 2006

Counts are coming up!

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that late yesterday we talked to the doctor and they said that Abby's counts, immunity counts, are coming back up. 320 yesterday, so she is still neutropinic, but much better. We'll get her checked out early next week and probably be able to start her back on chemo. She is scheduled for a spinal tap, Methotrexate, Vincristine, and the Decadron pulse on Tuesday but I think we may see if we can move it back a little bit since I have a big event at school on Friday night.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and especially your prayers for Abby!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that Abby's counts are up. We will pray that this trend continues.

Anonymous said...

I am the other Abby's mom. So nice of you to leave a post on her website. I must say your blog is way more interesting to read than mine. I'm not much of a writer.

I hope your daughter's ANC is coming way up. I know how scary these times can be. Do they put her in the hospital while it is so low?

I will be praying for your precious one as well. If any of you need someone to talk to that can completely understand, please email me.

Love in Christ,
Carrie Reeder
aka the other Abby's mom