Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tonight I've been in a contemplative mood. Listening to music, thinking about our life: past, present and future. Sometimes it is just hard to believe that Abby has/had cancer... I've been watching this slide show of Tiffany's favorite picture on her computer screen saver. Lots of memories there. Lots of pictures of a puffy-faced Abby. Of a bald Abby. Of an Abby with a "peach fuzz" head. Crazy. I look at those old pictures and I just have a hard time that that is and has been our life. Just very surreal. I'm glad I have these posts to re-read and pictures to look at to remind me and bring the highs and lows back to my mind.

Anyway, on the Abby (present tense) front, things are going good. She still is complaining of not feeling good. Her appetite is sometimes good and sometimes not good. She was running a low fever the last couple of days but I think that is gone now. IgG can give you a fever and also make you achey so who knows. She is a bit stuffy again and the cough is back but we are just watching it to see how it all pans out.

We don't have to go to Denver this week... that is nice, it seems like I've been down there every week lately! Other than life just keeps moving. It's a wild ride in so many ways so we just are holding on tight to see where it all goes!

Later all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. My son also has ALL. He was diagnosed in March 2006. He is currently in Maintenance Therapy. I notice that your daughter has suffered from low neutrophil counts during this therapy as well. I would like to talk to you about that. If you have a chance, please email me at thesavors@shaw.ca

My name is Diane. Thank you so much and best of luck to sweet little Abby and to your family.