Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chemo before the storm

We just got back from Denver... What a drive it was! Yikes! Lots of snow. Another 1-2 feet expected tonight. Denver seems to be getting more than we are. I guess shoveling will once again be in my future... round 28 I think. Maybe since Abby will be on Dexomethosone again I have her help shovel. They increased her dosage so that should be fun. Not really.

I feel like we moved to Michigan or North Dakota or something... so much snow! Piles everywhere and more is on the way. At least it is pretty.

Well, once Abby is done with this round she'll only have 3 more chemo's to go (maybe 4 but I don't think they'll tack that one on... we'll see). I'm so excited. Nervous but excited. It will be really weird when we don't have to give her nightly meds and such. Weird.

As for the sick front in our house, it seems that a high pressure system is starting to move back in to our house. Some of the pressure still seems to be lodged in my sinuses and maybe Abby's too but otherwise the big bad low cold pressure seems to be on the way out. Whew!

Well, everyone is back up so... off to hold Lily!

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