Friday, February 23, 2007

Just pray for Abby's health

Hey all,

Abby's still not doing good. Still has a fever. Still is coughing a lot and not feeling good. Tiffany took her back down to Denver yesterday and they did a blood culture and gave her fluids and a dose of IV antibiotics. They also put her on 1 more antibiotic to help her chest since it sounds like she is getting some fluid/gunk in there. So, now she is on 4 antibiotics. They also did a CBC and saw that her hemoglobin (the oxygen carrying part of your blood) is pretty low, 8.0.

So here is the new game plan:
See how she does over the weekend.
See if the fever goes away.
See if the cough goes away.
See if the nausea goes away.
Do lots of nose rinsing.

If she seems a lot better on Monday then we'll continue as we have been.
Get Chemo, Tap, IvIG, and go see the eye doc on Tuesday.

If isn't any better on Monday then we will do a surgery for her sinuses on Wed. To reshape them and help them drain better on their own.

So basically she get a lot better in the next 3 days or we go ahead and do surgery on Wednesday to clear this thing up. If the culture comes back positive then we'll have to go back down today too.

There you go. Now just add one more drug to that picture from the last post in your mind and you'll know what our microwave now looks like. :)

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