Friday, March 09, 2007

One More Night

Well it looks like Abby will be staying yet another night in the hospital, this will be her 4th night there. Tiffany took the shift last night and I came home with the girls. Tiffany's mom came back in to help and she arrived last evening. That let me catch up on some stuff this morning at a coffee shop while Vicky watched the girls. She is actually going to stay down with Abby tonight and let Tiffany come home. That will be nice because I haven't seen Tiffany much since this whole thing started.

Abby seems to be doing better today but the cough is worse, probably all that sitting in the bed. They are going to start her on some nebulizer treatments to help clear out her lungs. Dr. Pashley stopped in this morning and checked in on Abby and said her nose was looking really good, he's the one that did the sinus surgery. Dr. Smith also stopped by and checked her out. Since her fever is still bouncing around in 99-101 range and her cough is worse he wants her to stay another day for now. I never got a CBC result to see what her immunity is but I'm sure it's still pretty low.

So that's the scoop. I'll update more when I get a chance. But for now... a nap.


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