Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th!

Well, Abby's still doing pretty good. She still has a 99 to 100 degree fever most of the time but you probably wouldn't know it unless you were here all day long. I took her down on Wednesday for another sinus CAT scan and an appointment with Dr. Pashley. He said she looks fine, just a little bit of stuff up there but it is not a sinus infection at this point and we just need to keep her on antibiotics and do the nose rinsing.

She was on some newer antibiotic but it seemed to make her super hyper and she was having a hard time sleeping so I asked if we could find a different one. The possible side effects on that one were pretty terrible too. I think it was called Levaquin. in my opinion, next to some of the chemo stuff, it was the worst drug that she's been on. Anyway, they moved her over to Cleomyacin again for another 14 days from then, we are about 1/2 way through that one now.

Even with her not feeling 100% and Lily not feeling good too, she had her 1 year shots on the 3rd, we still ventured out for the 4th. We went to old town Fort Collins to the little celebration down there. Ate hot dogs, and had some fun. They had this big balloon blowup slide that the girls went down, it was about 40 feet tall I think. Abby went first and then Anna wanted to go. Anna virtually through herself onto it and bounced down the slide! She came out all smiles, so I guess she is just a little thrill-seeker.

After we got home and did naps we went back out and over to the Budzynski's house for some B-B-Qin'. It was fun and Abby and Anna had a ball running around with the kids and playing. Abby ate 2 hamburgers too, good fuel I guess for all that playing.

That's about it, I'll keep you posted about this persistent fever but it doesn't seem to be bugging her.


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