Monday, May 09, 2016

Week One in the New Digs

So I'm sitting in an infusion room at the clinic with Abby while she sleeps off an allergic reaction to her new weekly IV antibiotic.  She was almost finished with the hour-long infusion when her lips froze up and started feeling numb.  I grabbed the first person I could, which happened to be our BMT doctor who was walking by.  We got her pump turned off and IV Benadryl administered and after some shaking chills in addition to the mouth thing she was out.  That was an hour ago.  Poor kid.  She was mid-bite into a tortilla chip with salsa when it happened.  I thought she had hit a jalapeno and offered her water.  She couldn't answer because her mouth had frozen.  It was pretty nerve-wracking. She'll wake up soon and we'll head back to the new digs, a two-bedroom apartment behind the hospital.  We spent the weekend there as a family and it was bitter-sweet.  Sweet to be together, to have Abby out of the hopsital, to have Mother's Day together.  Bitter because Anna and Lily could go in the big hot tub and Abby can't, we have cleaning and meds and IV fluids daily that take a lot of time and energy, and we had to say goodbye to my folks Friday night as well as each other at the end of the weekend.   That's the quick update.  We are so very glad Abby is out of the hospital and doing so well.


Claudia said...

How frightening, Tiff. I'm glad you were able to get Abby immediate help. Praying for your family and love you guys.

Unknown said...

Praise God for providing the immediate help right when you needed it! My prayers continue daily for Abby and all the family.