Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 100+ and the results are in

Abby had her Day 100 bone marrow test last Tuesday and we have been waiting for the results.  They didn't have the results at the clinic today during our appointment but right as we were sitting down to dinner the doctor called and left a voicemail that the final 1 out of 10,000 cancer test (MRD) was also negative!

So, Abby is still cancer free and the bone marrow transplant is doing it's job.  We won't have another test until about 1 year after transplant. So far so good!

Now that we have those results they will start to plan the removal of her secondary access port (her Broviac) and she'll probably be able to get that out in August. She is very excited about getting that out because then she can take a bath and actually go under the water again like everyone else. She's been a great sport but she definitely does miss swimming!

Overall Abby is doing good. A bit hungry from the steroid that she is on but hopefully they'll be able to take her off of those in a month or so too.  They'll start to taper her off of her anti-rejection pills slowly and if all goes well she'll be off of that by November.

So, step by step she is moving back into the new normal world of life after a bone marrow transplant.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, notes and support you all are so great!  Thank you and I'll try to write at least every couple weeks or when big news pops up.


Claudia said...

Fantastic! Yea, God!

Melissa Lambrecht said...

Wonderful news!

Erin said...

I'm so happy for your family! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Abby is doing so well. We continue to think about and pray for all of you on your journey.

VITA DVDs said...

So glad to hear Abby's wonderful news. Thanks be to God!

Kathi and Wayne