Thursday, January 27, 2005

Abby home on Antiboitcs

Just a quick note to tell you that things are fine. They did another blood culture to really see if she has a blood infection or if it was just contamination. At this point she will be on IV antibiotics for 3 days, we just hook her up at home every 8 hours then wait 2 hours and unhook her. Not too bad, a little less sleep for us, but way better than be in the hospital for now. Once they get the 2nd culture back, they will make the decision of if she will stay on antibiotics for longer or not. If she has a blood infection then she will be on something for about 14 days. Otherwise, she'll just finish up the 3 day course.

That's it, hope you got the photo alblum... If you want to be on the list just email me, click in the right hand colum of the blog for the address.


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