Wednesday, January 26, 2005

TNT meeting.... and now a blood infection

<>So after a bit of a crazy day, I decided to go to the Team in Training meeting and see what it is all about. It was a chore, to say the least, to get out the door since Abby was so, tired and grumpy last night. Her tummy was bugging her all day today and I think dinner didn’t set so well, and she was tired, she kept saying, “I just tired”. Well I finally got out the door after putting Abby to bed and scuttled past our energizer bunny of a child, Anna. I don’t remember giving her caffeinated beverages yesterday, or sugar, but she was wound up! Anyway, I drove to the meeting site, a running store, via the wrong running store on the other side of town, and arrived promptly a half an hour late. After signing in, I looked up and saw my friends and co-workers from Greeley, the Carlenos. How cool was that! Thanks guys! You all rock! There were also about 30 people besides them at the meeting, very cool indeed. <>
This meeting really made me value the human spirit; maybe some of these people came because they just wanted the motivation and support to reach their running goal, some for a trip to Alaska to run a race, some even for Abby, like my friends. I just think it is pretty cool that 30 people, in Fort Collins alone, would sit through an hour + long meeting, sign up, raise money for Leukemia, trains for months, and then run, bike or do a triathlon for a cure.

Well, on another note, Tiffany just called and said that she will need to take Abby back down to the doctor. The blood culture that they have been running since our Monday appointment came back positive for a blood infection. Abby isn’t extremely neutropenic, ANC at about 400 on Monday, but still is at high risk of her body not having enough to fight it off. They gave us the option to check her into the hospital since she will have to be on antibiotics for a while or set up a home care arrangement. Tiffany opted for the home care option so we’ll just hook the antibiotics up to her Broviac ever 6 hours it sounds like. Since Abby doesn’t have a fever, the infection is probably not to severe but it still needs to be taken care of course.

Man, I thought we were off of this roller coaster for a bit! Oh well… I’ll keep you posted but no new will probably mean good news.

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