Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Couple quick updates

No word on the results of yesterdays bone marrow test, should know soon though.

Her blood counts are very low. Total White count = 2300 and her ANC (immune fighting part of the white count) is 100, very low. Normal is around 1500 in healthy kids, under 500 is dangerous because of the possibilities of infections. Since a lot of the drugs that she is taking, and the absence of white blood cells, a lot of the since of infection can be masked. So if she gets a fever of 101 right now we have to go back down to the hospital like we did the other night.

As you can see, things are a bit up in the air and tense right now. Please be praying. We are hoping that her bone marrow shows less than 5% cancer cells so that she will be classified as a "rapid responder". If they don't then the treatment will have to be a bit more aggressive.

Abby is not herself today at all, probably from a lot of factors, one being the bruise left on her back from the procedure yesterday, and probably the fever. Also the first couple days after the chemotherapy can be worse in terms of side effects so that may be it too.

We'll let you know as we things progress, if her fever is still at 99.5 or higher at 1pm we will probably go back down to Denver.

Man, what a wild, uncontrollable ride huh! Like a big crazy roller coaster. I often wish it were different at moments like these, but what do I know really? I don't control the world, or even my little part of it, that's a good thing. So, off to hang on and enjoy the crazy ride, I just hope their isn't a double loop up ahead.

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