Monday, February 07, 2005

Denver, 4 out of 7 this week

So for our week "off" between induction and consolidation we went to Denver 4 out of the 7 days, the final trip was Saturday night where Abby was admitted to the hospital for a high fever. We were just about to head out to our friends house and have some hang out time, and I mean just about, when we decided to take Abby's temperature again. We had been monitoring it since she has a staph infection and Dr. Smith told us to call if it reached 102, 101 under the arm. It had been hovering around 100 for a few days but Abby was acting fine. I was getting Anna ready when Tiffany said that it read 100.8 under the arm... I told her to take it again, for sure our thermometer was wrong... sencond reading, a solid 101... add a degree for under the arm and whola! 102. Called the doc and he said I could take her to the ER or bring her down to Pres./St. Lukes. I told him that I'd be right down.

We got down there in good time and of course her fever was gone and never came back all night. Oh well, being an hour away it's not worth it to wait and see if it persists or keeps climbing. We only had to say the night and Abby was released durning the half-time show on Sunday.

Actually I was glad to go down because I've been a bit concerned about her eye. Her left eye is now drifting towards her nose and she is more often than not closing it to see better. Dr. Smith talked to some eye doctors and checked her out for anything serious at the hospital and she looks fine. He thinks it is probably just that she needs glasses. I'll be relieved when we find out for sure though because it just seems odd to me that this started to come on after a heavy duty month of chemo, low cell counts, a staph infection, and major antibiotics.... but that's just how my brain works, could be nothing.

Other than the eye thing and a yeast infection, yup we got medication for that one called in last night, Abby is in good spirits. Her blood counts are coming back up and she should be good enough to start the next phase of chemo, consolidation. That will start out with an all day appointment tommorrow at the CHOA clinic to infuse another chemo drug into her system. We'll also have an eye appointment sometime this week but otherwise it should, and I say should with a lot of hope, be a fairly mellow week, except for the antibiotic does every 8 hours. At least this antibiotic only takes 5 minutes to put in... way better than the vancomyacin which took 2 hours+.

Well, there's the update, hope all is well with you and your family too.


Anonymous said...

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado has an excellent pediatric Opthamologist, Dr. Arnold. Just an FYI ;)

Mark Schreiber said...

Thanks Sarah,

I'll look into it! Always good to have info from someone that has been on the inside. Thank you our eye-doc-savvy friend!