Friday, April 29, 2005

Just Plain Thankful!

Just Plain Thankful!

Once again I sit down with no idea what to write but also with a longing to
convey my thoughts of this journey with you all. In short, Abby has been
doing really good, she hasn't been sleeping well for a few weeks, but last
night she did great and didn't wake at all. Other than the sleep, or lack
there of, and the low counts, Abby has been great!

I've been reading through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's bulletin board
of other parents with children with Leukemia and some of the side-effects
and hospital stays that other kids have had to go through are crazy and sad
to say the least. It's not to say that Abby won't be up there with a
similar story in the months to come but at least right now she is feeling
pretty good and I am soooo thankful!

We've just been feeling so thankful and blessed lately. Thankful for Abby's
condition in the midst of her treatment, I mean you know, she still has her
hair and acts/looks pretty normal. Thankful for all of our friends, family
and the support that they have brought us. You all moved us into our new
house, after remodeling it and painting EVERY room! Meals, so many meals,
people keep knocking on our door and dropping off food at the perfect time,
we even have a ton in the freezer just encase! You know, after coming back
from Denver from a full day of chemo for Abby and who has the energy to make
dinner? I sure don't. You all have saved my family from becoming
drive-thru junkies! Thank you! The checks, the fundraisers (that's another
blog entry), the prayers, (especially the prayers), and the tremendous
amounts of love and encouragement that you all have poured out in so many
ways from cards and packages to helping us move; people from town and from
far away have done so much. Since you've all done so much, a simple "thank
you" doesn't really seem to do it justice. but "Thank You!" Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you! We are humbled by your love and support.

Thank you all! More updates later this week as she moves on into Interim

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H. West said...

I think sometimes God sends us hard times to teach us what we realy mean when we say "thank you." I always remember a few years back when I my family went through rough times and someone gave me a ride when there honestly was no other way for me to get home. I remember getting out of the car and saying "thank you" like my mommy always tells me to do when someone gives me a ride, but I don't think I have ever been as thankful as I was then; that experience opened my eyes to the reality of gratitude and what it really looks like.

I am thankful for you guys,