Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Noodles... Lots of noodles

Noodles... Lots of noodles
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Well, yes here appetite is back! For a brief glimpse into our life, I give you the breakfast menu.

7:30am Milk
7:45am Request for "Real Pancakes".... "with syrup"
8:05am Pancakes served... with syrup and butter
8:10am Bananas ordered and served
8:15am More bananas... "in the peel please" (at least she still is polite in her demands:))
8:20am Done with pancakes, asks for noodles... Penne pasta to be specific.
8:22am Finished convincing her that Spaghetti Noodles were already cooked and would be better.
8:25am-8:35ish Abby eats 3 bowls of spaghetti "with sauce... without tomatoes please"

At this point I ran and errand but when I returned at around 9am, I found her seated at the table again eating....

9am.... Ice cream, Haagen-dazs of course! Mummmmmm. Breakfast of champions really!

I've been out since then but I'm sure she's found some more stuff to eat. That is actually a good thing really, she needs to gain some weight. She's been about 28-30 lbs since she was diagnosed and we don't want her to lose any more during this phase if possible, so on I'll go being a short order cook and letting my child have her 9am ice cream rendezvous....

The only problem that I see is that I end up eating everything that she "orders" and then doesn't want... Man this is going to be worse than the "Freshman 15" for me! I guess I just have to start throwing food away... so hard for me to do... Oh well better than buying all new clothes. :)

Out for now.


Mark Schreiber said...

Ya! I'm thinking of making a plate for Abby while I'm at YLI next week any time that they have noodles... I'll just send it back using FedEX overnight:)

H. West said...

yay YLI!! see you... tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Abby had "little" appetite! Jeesh -- that eating day would be good for 10 pounds on me!

I hope today finds Abby with a great appetite and feeling well. My heart hurt from the other day's blog, but as you said it is all part of our jouney and I am humbled that I may pray through it with your family.
Kimberly Nicholson