Monday, July 11, 2005

Ravenously Hungry

I'm still in California for the TEAM conferance with the Youth Leadership Institute at APU but I wanted to give a little update as to how things are going on the Abby front.

Abby is still relatively healthy, grumpy and hungry but healthy. Actually VERY hungry in the last 2 days. The request for food has grown and now is even at night. Being a very independent little 3 year old, Abby decided to solve her own problem of hunger the other night. Late into the night and early in the morning she was found roaming around the kitchen and helping her self to different food items in the pantry. Since that wasn't exactly what we wanted to be the norm in our house and since it was an exhausting hight Tiffany decided to put up the baby gate last night and provide snacks in a basket for Abby to eat through the night.... That worked to a point, but the basket still had to be refilled a couple times during the night with snacks.

Now, Abby is a good little girl that has been to taught to share as any child would be at her age. And she is getting pretty good at it too. For instance, last night Abby decided to share her snacks with Anna. Makes sense you know, sharing is a good thing. So..... Tiffany and Vicky found Anna in the crib this morning with various snacks strewn about. Popcorn, rice crispies, and chocolate cookies were probably a lovely breakfast for Anna but probably also a pain to clean up out of her crib.

So, be praying for energy for my wife and mother-in-law while I'm gone. Pray that Abby won't eat us into the poor house, and that she continues to to well with the chemo effects.

Abby's 3rd chemo week is coming up on Tuesday and for the next couple weeks she will be, as our doctor says, "in the danger zone" for this phase. The point when 60-70% if kids are admitted to the hospital. Please be praying that she will be one of the 30-40% that does not have to go in.

Thank you once again for all of your comments, prayers and encouragement!

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Anonymous said...

I want a basket with yummy snacks next to my bed for late night snacking!!! Sounds great! HeHeHe!!! I think that it is so awesome how God has equipped Tiffany with such great problem solving skills! Abby's hungry at night so she gives her a basket of snacks! What an excellent idea. I never would have thought of that! I also love the "sharing" story. What a sweetheart! Love you guys! Give Abby and Anna hugs and kisses for me!

Megan/Aunt MeMe