Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion
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Hey all,

Abby went down for her morning chemo appointment today and was sent over to the hospital to get some blood/platelets transfusions.

She should have just started getting the platelets and they'll take an hour to go in. Then she will have to wait a bit and then they will start the blood, packed red blood cells to be exact. The blood will take about 4 hours and then she can come home as long as she doesn't get a fever. When kids are neutropenic and get a fever they admit them for the night and often when kids get blood they will get a fever just from the transfusion process, so, she may stay overnight. We'll just have to wait and see.

Other than that she is doing fine, her counts are low obviously, but all in all she is doing really well with the treatment. She is also off Vancomyacin for now, just finished this morning. Hopefully she can stay off of the antibiotics because that is a lot of work and probably is not the best for her body. I'll post more as I know more, or maybe I'll just go to sleep instead. :)

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Mark Schreiber said...

Abby is coming home from a long day at the hospital. I think she went through all of the stickers that we have! Well, at least she can keep herself occupied!

We'll go back down on Friday for an appointment unless she gets a fever, then we'll rush her back down.... Her total white blood cell count is 300, her ANC is unreadable... Lots of hand washings around here huh!