Saturday, July 30, 2005

Reds are Meds.

So yes, this is a picture of our calander for this week. All the red things are Abby's meds... Crazy huh?! Abby's doing great with all though, I don't know if we could say that for Tifffany and I but we're doing OK. Here's the typical daliy schedule for a few more days and then we'll see if we have to keep up the antibiotics or not.

6am- hook up Abby to Vancomyacin
8am- unhook her, and put in a Vanco/Heprin lock (in her Broviac)
8am-Kytril (to counteract nausea)
8am after breakfast... Zantac
8am after breakfast... Mouthwash and Nystatin (to keep mouth sores at bay.)
12pm after lunch Mouthwash and Nystatin
2pm hook her up to Vanco again
4pm unhook her and give AraC
4pm lock her with Vanco/Heprin
6pm Zantac
6pm mouthwash/Nystatin
7-8pm give her 6-TG(hour after food, no milk, no citrus... they make it not work, milk, or super potent, citrus).
10pm Hook her up to Vanco
12am unhook her and lock her with Vanco/Heprin

I write that all for my memory as much as I do for your information. Lots to take in and do huh. But as I said, Abby is doing really well with all. She is playing much more with Anna, walking around pretty good, and is very giggly. She doesn't want to leave the house much but neither do we after 3 trips down to CHOA last week. They ended up putting her on a second Antibiotic on top of the Vanco for a couple days last week becuase she had a little fever and they wanted to make sure it wasn't the blood infection. She's had this blood infection for pushing 3 weeks now so they are really trying to knock it out for good. The crazy thing is that she might not have had any blood infection, it could all just be contaminates from handleing it but they don't want to take any chances, so they treat it and keep culturing the samples.

Other than that, there really isn't much to say. This is just our life now, and it's pretty demanding. But the high pace is offset by having my smilely little girl back and that is worth it all.

Off to drink more coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Having seen how you kept your bedroom for the first 18 years of my life... I'm guessing the calendar and color-coding were Tiffany's idea. God knew just the woman you should marry! Think of all of you daily. Big hugs from Washington.
Love Your Sis