Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Didn't pass again! :(

Well, Abby didn't pass the blood count requirement to start the next phase, she is still to low. They will test her again on Thursday and hopefully she will start on Friday. If she doesn't pass, they will most likely schedule a bone marrow aspiration again to check things out further. So, pray that she passes, I really don't want her to have to get another bone marrow test.

I really hope that it does come up soon, kind of worries me that it isn't... but I won't go down any those roads unless she doesn't pass on Thursday.

She's been doing relatively good in the 2 weeks since she's been off treatment, gets tired sometimes but really does good for having such low blood counts. Once her hemoglobin comes back up we are planning on going up the canyon a bit to see if any leaves have started to change up there, that is always a pretty time of year for the mountians.

Anyway, I'll write more on Thursday when we know the plan.

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