Saturday, September 17, 2005

Home and Healing

Well, we got home earlier than expected last night, around dinner time. Our good friends the Maddocks had dropped off dinner and it was waiting for us. I (Tiffany) sat with Abby while Mark got it all ready. She did really well. She doesn't do well with one of the relaxing meds they give before going into the OR so Mark went in with her, all gowned up. He said she was just chatting away with everyone and asking about what everything was. Then they put her under and he laid her down on the bed and left. 3 hours later we saw all the docs (in the meantime I took Anna to the zoo, she had a ball) and everything went fine. She has a new mediport on the opposite side (left) and the broviac site is healing without stitches. Her eyes are pretty red and bruised but will look worse than they feel for her. She also had a spinal tap and two doses of chemo. She came out of the anisthesia pretty confused and upset that her eyes were draining and she couldn't see but once we got her into the van she fell asleep and did fine for the drive home. Anna sang us Barney songs and a few made up ones of her own about flushing the potty the whole way home so we were kept entertained! Thanks for all the prayers! The next few days will be filled with her getting used to her eyes, healing from all the pokes and prods and starting the side effects of the steroid and other two oral chemo meds we started yesterday for this new maintenance phase of her treatment. So pray for lots of patience for us and that no infection develops in her eyes, there's a 10% chance of one. But all her blood work is excellent right now so that's good! Oh, and the doc said that the broviac needed to come out, it was hanging by a thread and looking pretty, well, lets just say it wasn't as clean as when it went in!

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