Friday, November 18, 2005

Back to glasses

Back to glasses
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Just a quick update on Abby's appointments this week. Her eye appointment was good, the surgery worked but one of her eyes is still misaligned so she will need to wear her glasses again. The doctor said that the alignment will ussually go away as they get older and the kids will just grow out of it. This misalignment happens to about 1/3 of all successful surgeries.

As for the CHOA appointment, all went well. No spinal tap this month, so she only had a blood draw, and Vincristine, oral Methotrexate, and the week of Decadron plus her normal nightly 6-MP. It sounds like a lot but it is much better than having the spinal tap, a nice "break" if you may.

Abby's a little clingy and grumpy this week but that is to be expected. Hopefully she will be a little better by the time that we go on the road trip in a few days. Well, that's about it, have a great day!

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