Sunday, November 13, 2005

On to the next pulse

So tomorrow Abby will start her third chemo pulse of the long term maintenance treatment. I'll tell you next week for sure, but it really hasn't been that bad for her or us. She is a bit out of it mentally, probably from the Methotrexate, for a few days but seems to come back to the real world for frequent visits during the whole week. The grumpiness hasn't been too bad either, at least when compared to her 21 day stint on it that one time... That was rough! Her hunger definitely goes up during these pulses and she can be a bit demanding about it but it really has been OK. At least she doesn't get up at night and raid our pantry anymore!

So, I'll have to tell you how it all went next week but I think it going to be alright. Actually for the last day of the pulse, or the day following, we'll be driving in the van up to Utah and then on to Idaho for Thanksgiving. So, if she is grumpy and just wants to eat a lot on the trip that will be fine because that's what people do on trips anyway right?

Abby has a lot going on tomorrow so please be praying for good results. She has an early eye doctor appointment where they will tell us if things are looking good or if they will still need to do something else to help her eyes track correctly. I hope she passes with flying colors. After that she will go to CHOA to see Dr. Smith. She doesn't get a spinal tap tomorrow so that's good! She'll get oral Methotrexate, a Vincristine IV push and she'll start on Decadron. Pretty light day really. They'll do the normal blood work and check her out to see how she is doing overall and that will be it for another month. Much better than going down 1 to 4 times a week like we did in the past!

We'll I better go get the little ones. We hope all is going well in your neck of the woods too. Posted by Picasa

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