Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cat Scan... & 3 other appointments

So Abby had her birthday CAT Scan today at the hospital. The machine looked a lot bigger than this one and no, no cats were harmed in the making of this blog. Anyway, she did really good for the scan. So good that she was done in 5 minutes. The scan showed that everything was fine in her sinuses, that was what they were looking for. Sometimes kids that are immuno-compromised can get sinus infections that don't show up by the normal means but still make the kids feel really tired and worn out. But that was not the case so at least that is one thing that can be ruled out.

Our next stop on this tour was Dr. Lee, the tummy doctor as we like to call him. We talked about her symptoms and the history and all that and then about options. The best option is to do an Endoscopy of her tummy to see what is going on. This will happen next week on Tuesday and they will put her under again for it. Hopefully that will shed some more light on the why she hasn't been feeling so good.

Dr. Lee ordered some tests so while we waited for them to get scheduled, and since they are just across the hall, we went over to CHOA for Abby's exam. The decided to draw blood and do all of the labs so that we wouldn't have to go to another lab and she saw Dr. Smith to talk about our appointment with Dr. Lee. Abby did pretty good but she wanted to eat and when I told her no she had a bit of a melt down... But the reason I told her no was that since she hadn't eaten for 7 hours, since breakfast, there was a chance that we could get the abdominal ultra sound, ordered by Dr. Lee today... They fit us in so back down stairs we went and checked in at the ultra sound place.

Whew... Appt. #4. The ultra sound took about a half hour and Abby once again did great! What a little trooper huh! She stayed still for a while and then I realized that she thought this was like the CAT scan... I filled her in and told her she could move her head and watch the "movie" of her tummy and that kept her pretty occupied.

After that was done, we went back up to CHOA to pay our bill and get some food... after 2 cookies, a banana, 1 muffin, a glass of water and a couple snack for me, we were on our way.

Anyway, as you can see it was a busy day but a good one. Hopefully we will be a step closer to figuring out why Abby has been having such a difficult few weeks.

I'll continue to keep you posted as we learn more.

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