Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Endoscopy went well

Abby had her Endoscopy this morning and things looked good. No ulcers, no big infections or anything else alarming. They did do some biopsys of each area to run some more test on so maybe that will show something.

Dr. Lee gave us the results of the lab test from last week and the ultra sound results. Basically everything looks normal there too. This could have all been caused by some sort of virus that just took a long time to get out of her system since she is immuno supressed or it could be something else all together.

In some ways it is nice that it is nothing major so far but also it is a little disconcerting to see your child so tired and uncomfortable so often. Hopefully this isn't what the rest of the chemo treatment will be like.

Tonight she starts Decodron (i.e. Grumpy/Hungry Pill) again tonight. Hopefully she does better than she did last month with it. I probably should take a nap while I have the chance... Pray that she does well.

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