Monday, October 29, 2007

Disney Detox

Well, were home now and we have started the Disney Detox Program. Yesterday we only went out to eat once and we said no to ice cream (only a few tears). We did get them some mickey mouse shaped cheese slices though and had a nice sandwich. We watched one Disney movie, actually 2 now that I think about it, and have weened them back to 1 Disney movie today. Tomorrow we will try to get them back into the letter factory video as well as the Veggie Tales though that may be pushing it.

We are saving the Micky Mouse Mac and Cheese (oh yes, they really do make this magical creation!) for a later date when we see withdraw symptoms surfacing.

They have taken many naps lately and I would like to do the same. Once they are back up on their feet I may take them to some really crowded place and have them wait in a long line just to see if the detox is complete. I have high hopes that this process will go smoothly and that we can re-integrate our children back into reality in the near future.

Actually, they really are doing pretty well. Lots of naps and nobody is back to 100% yet but that is to be expected after such a petal-to-the-metal trip! I have a ton of pictures and video clips to sort through, Tiffany may do most of it, 12.5 Gigs to be exact! That about 767 video clips and pictures. Yikes! It will be fun though. You'll have to see the clip of Abby getting tucked in by the giant bunny! Pretty Awesome.

Well I'll get those pics out here sometime!


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