Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wish Trip: Give Kids the World

Well, we are here at Give Kids the World (GKTW) and are having a GREAT time! This place is amazing! They have a carosel on-site, DVDs to check out, a water works area and swimming pool, and so much more. The ice cream parlor is open from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM and they encourage everyone to eat ice cream for breakfast at least 1 time while they are here. The Ginger Bread House is where you go to eat breakfast and dinner and it is a fun place too. To a kid, this is a dream come true. The Disney characters where here this morning and we got some fun pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

We are resting up today for our final push tomorrow back at the parks. So far we have gone to the Magic Kingdom and to Epcott. The girls are having a blast! We probably could have stayed in the Fantasy Land part of the Magic Kingdom for all of both days and it would have been perfect. Abby wears her button from GKTW and the park cast members see her and rush her through the back way to the front of the line for everything! Maybe this is my wish come true! No lines... yipee! There is something magical about that button!

Speaking of magical, on our first day in the park we got out of a ride and were right on the parade route. We watched all the fun characters go by and they were all singing a "dreams come true" song. Abby went right down front to watch it and the Fairy God Mother came by on the Cinderella float. She was singing like all of them and as she came by she made eye contact with Abby. She looked at Abby, held her gaze and threw glitter dust right at her, as she sang "just believe and your dreams will come true." Then she winked right at here and said, "remember dear, a wish is a dream that your heart makes". I looked at Tiffany and she was all teared up, as was I. amazing! And get this...I captured the whole thing on video! I'll try to post it. It doesn't have Abby in the frame but you'll see what I mean.

What an amazing experiance. Everyone has been soooooo loving, so kind, and so helpful. Amazing. I thought that it might be hard to see all the kids and families here but actually it is really neat in a wierd sort of way. I see them with there kids and I don't feel so out of place. They have all gone through and are going through what our family has and than, in a way that is hard to explain, give me peace.

Well, like I said, today is our 3rd day here and as I said we are resting. So I better do the same. we are going to go to Down Town Disney for lunch after the girls get done with a short nap. I'll post more when I can. Probably not until we get home.

Buh Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you all are having a blast. The people at the Disney parks must be screened for ability to spot pins that require special treatment, they would come flying over from 50 ft. away for us.