Sunday, December 30, 2007

Diagnosis Anniversary #3

Well once again here we are at the anniversary of Abby being diagnosed. This year though we don't have any medication to report on, any side-effects to tell you about, or any recent rush trips to the hospital. To tell you the truth, I almost forgot about this anniversary this year. The only thing that reminded me that Abby is still a bit different than others her age was me seeing the bulge from her port under her shirt last night.

I read the blog posts from the beginning of this journey this morning and was instantly taken back to that unforgettable week when I wrote those first posts. How crazy that was! I remember sending out the email to tell everyone that hadn't heard the news. I posted a copy of it here.

Anyway, I'll keep this one short since I've spent all of my alloted blogging time reading and thinking on old posts! Maybe you'll spend your alloted blog reading time doing the same.

If you do I'm sure you'll find a thankfulness beyond all that can be described well up from within you. A thankfulness for the life of my daughter, who as I write this is jumping, dancing, and signing... just being the little girl that God created her to be. Making snowmen, pretending to be a cook, stubbing her toes and crying like all normal little girls. She even got a paper cut this morning and guess what... I didn't even freak out. That a good sign.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

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