Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abby's still doing great

Well folks, I figured I should post here even though nobody really follows this anymore. (that's a good thing)

Anyway, Abby is doing great. She has a nasty cold right now and the initial symptoms did get us a little concerned and anxious but in the end it's just a cold. We like that. I've been up the last couple nights at 3am or so to give Abby some medicine for her cough and I'm beat. I really don't know how we did it during those years of being woken up all the time. Especially with Lily being born and Abby on treatment! Only by the grace of God.

So, that's it. Abby's good. Anna's good, Lily... well she's just your normal 2 year-old right now (loud, energetic, cute as can be) basically good.

Till next time I post.

The Dad


Sarah said...

That is great news about Abby! Thanks for sharing your struggles and victories during that time. We will continue to keep you and her in our prayers. We have been doing alot with the Keaton Rafael Memorial Foundation and Jason is trying to get on the board of directors. We only had a scare, but it was enough to get our awareness in high mode and to help other kids with cancer.
God bless!

Joe Sims said...

My wife Lori worked with you about 8 years ago, and we followed Abby's progress when you guys were in the "thick" of it all. It is so sad, but the list of folks on our CaringBridge app is growing, and I thought of you guys. I'm glad you arent posting anymore, that is an amazing blessing!
Take care,
Joe Sims

Mark Schreiber said...


What is your Caring bridge page Joe? Thanks for checking in and let me know where to follow you all more.


Joe Sims said...

No, we don't need a caring bridge page (thank you Lord) but we just have people we follow on it. I was reading Kate Mcrae's page yesterday and it made me think of you guys.
Again, it's great to see no posts on your site!